Here’s to You, Old DePauw

Dear Little Bit,

Though we already love you so much and can’t wait to see the decisions you make for your life, there is one decision that your Dad and I are going to be a little helicopter-parent-ish about. And that’s where you go to college.

You see, your Dad and I went to this amazing little school in the middle of Indiana, that may look like a lot of other small schools in the U.S., but it’s different. And that’s a truth.

Not only did your Dad and I meet there, but we met our best friends there and found new passions, outlooks and people there. We know that regardless of what you might think in 18 years, you would most certainly be just as happy as we were there.

So that’s why when it comes to this decision, we’re going to be a little pushy, maybe even near-sighted, as we show you DePauw and talk about DePauw and essentially force DePauw during your growing up years in this world.

In return, I’ll let you dye your hair some crazy color for about a month in high school. Deal?


P.S. I was absolutely kidding about the hair dye. Sorry.

This past weekend, I celebrated my five-year reunion with fellow ’07 classmates. It was such a wonderful experience to be involved in planning and attending this event. While things were a little different (I found I can no longer stomach Marvin’s), so much was still the same. And that includes obsessing in my Alpha Phi home and best friends. Five years until our 10-year — woo-hoo!

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