The Big Reveal, Part II

To say that Alison has been wishing for a grandchild is an understatement so we were especially excited to tell her. And the fact that no one in the family had any idea [ok, maybe they had their suspicions] made it extra exciting for myself and Ryan.

We gave Ryan’s mom a card as well with the same photo and message. Tears, hugs and declarations of “You’ve made me so happy!” ensued for the next few hours. Even Ryan’s brother, Josh, teared up and immediately started hashing up plans to take our kid to Santa Claus, Indiana [yes, this was the first place he thought of].

For the rest of the weekend, we told friends that came over and shared the news over the phone with friends and family. Telling people has been, by far, the most exciting part of this journey so far. As a couple, we just feel so much love and excitement, and it’s amazing to know that our Little Bit will be on the receiving end of so much affection from family and friends everywhere.

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