Auntie Kathryn & Uncle Ryan

April 25

That’s right — we’re not just going to be parents this year; we’re also going to be an auntie and uncle! My sister, Abby, and her husband, Allen, announced that they were expecting today.

Yay for the new parents-to-be!

I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. Hearing the excitement in Abby’s voice as she shared her news was so, so sweet, and I already love their baby in a way entirely different from my own child. As in…I get to spoil this kid rotten/occasionally torment him/her and don’t have to worry about discipline. Does that make me a terrible auntie already?! I’m new at this thing.

Anyway, Abby and Allen’s big day is a little less than a month from ours: December 2. So Christmas is going to be such a treat at the Knight house this year. But remember, Mom, our kids will not remember a thing you give them…and we will.

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