Bumpdate: 16 Weeks


Size of Baby: Avocado
Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds


How I’m Feeling (Physically): For the most part, I’m having lots of good days — with the occasional bad day. Still feeling a little more tired than last time, but that may have something to do with chasing a 2.5-year-old around.
How I’m Feeling (Emotionally): Anxious! About names! We have a girl name picked out, but in terms of boy names, we just have a frustratingly sparse list.

Positives: So thankful that I’m starting to feel better, and that time is flying by so F-A-S-T for this pregnancy! Baby’s heartbeat was 147 at our 16-week appointment.
Negatives: Again the name. I am such a planner and not having a name at this point is difficult. I guess we technically have at least 24 more weeks to get that one figured out…



I Heart NY

For my 30th birthday, Ryan pulled out all of the stops and surprised me with a long weekend in one of my favorite cities in the world. He spoiled me rotten and never said “no” once. Though we’ve both been to New York several times, we’ve never gone together so it was fun to explore and experience the city with a fresh perspective.

We spent our first afternoon in Central Park and had a late dinner at Gramercy Tavern. I’ve had a few weeks to think about this now, and I’ve made up my mind: Gramercy Tavern was the best dinner of my life. The food, ambiance and service were just out of this world. It was everything you expect dining in New York to be.

Strolling in Central Park.

Strolling in Central Park.


Perfect afternoon with this guy.

Perfect afternoon with this guy.

On the steps of the Met.

On the steps of the Met.

The next day, Ryan made us wake up at 6 a.m. in order to catch a glimpse of the Today Show. We saw the anchors for about a minute — so was it worth it? Hmmmm. It did allow us to get in line for the Top of the Rock early and avoid the long lines. After experiencing the views from the top, we headed over to Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, Bryant Park and Times Square. One of the best memories from the trip was grabbing food from a food truck in Times Square and eating in Bryant Park.

From there, it was nap time (remember the early wake-up call?). Then we were off to Broadway! We saw An American in Paris, which was breathtakingly beautiful as well as fun. And we capped the night off with a visit to the top of the Empire State Building. Though I was a negative Nancy the whole way up (I still hate heights), it was the best trip to the top of the Empire State Building that I’ve ever taken.

Top of the Rock.

Top of the Rock.



On our last full day in New York, we spent the morning at the 9/11 Memorial. This wasn’t anything that I was “looking forward” to doing, and though I cried for most of the first hour, I’m so glad we went. I also loved how many different nationalities were represented amongst the other visitors. It’s comforting to see that the whole world still truly mourns with us.

After the 9/11 Memorial, we headed over to Chelsea for lunch, a walk along the High Line and shopping in Chelsea Market. We decided that should our path ever take us to New York, this is the neighborhood for us. After, we made our way down to Wall Street — which was tourist crazy. We grabbed a few touristy photos ourselves, and then got out of there as fast as we could. Dinner that night was at Saxon + Parole — another AMAZING meal. And I’m proud to report that Ryan picked all of the restaurants and did a phenomenal job in finding places that he knew I would love.

Reflection pool at the 9/11 Memorial.

Reflection pool at the 9/11 Memorial.



Trinity Church.

Trinity Church.

Ryan's happy place.

Ryan’s happy place.

It was a birthday fit for a princess — so thanks, honey! You’re the best!

Bumpdate: 12 Weeks


Size of Baby: Lime
Total Weight Gain: 6 pounds


How I’m Feeling (Physically): Nausea and fatigue are beginning to subside, but my headaches are growing increasingly frequent.
How I’m Feeling (Emotionally): Relieved and looking forward to our 12-week appointment with anticipation.

Positives: We have our 12-week appointment this week, get to share the news with friends and family very soon and already moved some furniture into the nursery!
Negatives: The headaches are super, super, super annoying at this point. I’ve basically had a headache for two straight weeks. But hey, there’s a baby at the end of this tunnel…



Spreading the News…

We decided to tell our family a little earlier than we did last time simply because we were seeing them all for my 30th birthday. On my actual birthday, we shared the news with my Mom — asking her if she could keep a secret for a few days (and we know she can — she kept it for WEEKS last time). My Mom’s eyes swelled with tears, and you could tell that she was just SO HAPPY for us. She’s been praying just as diligently for you, Little Bit, as we have this past year.

A few days later, we had a majority of both of our families together in Bloomington for a big birthday dinner. Before dinner arrived at the table, Ryan had everyone group together for a picture. Little did anyone know what was coming…

Get together for a picture…


“Ok everybody, say, “Kathryn’s pregnant!””…


Cue tears, laughs and disbelief.

Margaret's hand on my belly is the sweetest thing. Also, Charlotte's face -- HA!

Margaret’s hand on my belly is the sweetest thing. Also, Charlotte’s face — HA!

We FaceTimed and texted those that couldn’t join us that night, which brought even further freak outs (I wish we had been recording Josh and Jess’ FaceTime call). Unfortunately, the families are under strict instruction to keep the secret for about three more weeks. At which point, Ryan says he’s going to shout it to the whole world. He’s one happy Daddio.

Little Bit’s First Pic

April 23

We had Little Bit #2’s first ultrasound today, and nothing can compare to the flood of relief a mother feels when she hears that heartbeat for the first time. Little Bit’s heart beats were strong at 171, and he or she was measuring right on track for eight weeks.

When I was pregnant with Charlotte, our first ultrasound wasn’t until 10 weeks so she was VERY active in the womb. Though this Little Bit didn’t move as much (simply because he or she is two weeks younger), we were able to visibly see the heart beat as well as get a little wiggle out of him or her. Needless to say, my heart melted.

In addition to having Ryan in the room, Charlotte was with us. This was the first that she was seeing or hearing of the baby, and I think she was a little confused/a tiny bit enthralled by it all. We also discovered that she was VERY concerned about what was going on with me during our entire doctor visit. If I left to go to the bathroom, she asked where I was the whole time, and when I left with the doctor for my exam, she threw the most epic fit of her lifetime for the entire time I was gone. Poor Ryan. And poor Charlotte.

At this point, we are so overjoyed. I can’t believe this is happening after the long year we’ve had waiting and dreaming. Though we feel a bit more cautious this time around, we also feel a great deal of peace. We’re having another baby!

Hello, Little Bit!

Hello, Little Bit!

I'm not one to wish the summer and fall months away, but can it be the holiday season yet?! I want to hold you!

I’m not one to wish the summer and fall months away, but can it be the holiday season yet?! I want to hold you!

Bumpdate: 8 Weeks

(Technically, I'm 9 weeks in the photo -- don't be mad.)

(Technically, I’m 9 weeks in the photo — don’t be mad.)

Size of Baby: Kidney Bean
Total Weight Gain: 3 pounds


How I’m Feeling (Physically): Very nauseous, weak, exhausted and prone to headaches.
How I’m Feeling (Emotionally): Excited that we’re pregnant with Little Bit #2!

Positives: So many positives — we’re pregnant!!! It’s been a long wait, and we’re just relieved that things are going so smoothly. We also have our first ultrasound this week!
Negatives: I don’t remember feeling this bad when I was pregnant with Charlotte. Though I haven’t been physically sick, the nausea is sometimes pretty overwhelming. I also get weak and clammy easily, so needless to say I’ve been taking things easy (hence the three pound weight gain already — oh well).

Pregnant with Charlotte (left) vs. Pregnant with Little Bit #2 (right). The dress is a little more snug this time around!

Pregnant with Charlotte (left) vs. Pregnant with Little Bit #2 (right). The dress is a little more snug this time around!

Hello, Little Bit

Dear Little Bit,


Let me start by telling you how much you are loved and wanted already. It has been a long year of praying, doubt and yet feeling hopeful, and all of that together has made it one incredible year in a variety of ways. And now that you’re here, and it’s all happening again, we can say that our joy is all the more abundant and meaningful.

I found out I was pregnant during our spring break with my family on Sunday, March 22. Your Dad wasn’t yet with us on the trip so I decided to keep it a secret for the next few days until I could tell him in person. When he arrived at the airport on Tuesday, I met him with the following signs:



I expected your Dad to freak out when I flipped the sign over revealing the news, but he just threw back his head, laughed and said, “I knew it!” He had been reading his Bible on the flight and praying for you, Little Bit, and he said that all of a sudden he had an overwhelming peace and knowledge that you were already in our lives.

And after the long wait, I have to say that I feel the same way too. Just a great deal of peace. In a little over one week, we will get to see you for the very first time and hear your heartbeat. We are eagerly waiting that day, but more importantly, we are anticipating your arrival in our arms, in our home and in our lives in late November/early December.

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved.